The brain areas consist mainly of a network of neurons and astrocytes. In contrast, the connective fibers consist of neurons with their axons and synaptic connections to other neurons. The astrocytes are missing in the pictorial representation. But these are there, acting between the fibers. The connective fibers show the course of the excitations from the receptors to the success organs.

Thesis: If these fibers and non-specialized areas perform the brain functions, then the astrocytes are no longer in, but between functional parts.

Actually quite simple. Only the letting go of functional areal thinking makes it difficult. For many years, the localization theories characterized. Thus, although the current areal subdivision is not suitable for functional understanding, further local searches are made,e.g. here. In the beginning there were only a few functional areas, in the year 2016 there are already 360. According to the above thesis, the areas consist of fragments of several connective fibers.

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